Storage and transshipment


Fast and efficient

Maja is specialised in the transshipment of bulk, but it also has plenty of experience with mixed cargo. Handling your goods quickly and efficiently is key to us. We have our own docks, floating and fixed loading and unloading cranes and other machinery and equipment, and experienced staff who will expertly deal with your assignment. Our flexibility allows us to respond quickly to any of our customer’s requirements.


Maja has been loading scrap for bulk carriers for years. We stand out by carrying out transshipments as damage-free as possible. In addition, we also work fast. Fertiliser is a unique product that has specific loading and unloading requirements, and we have extensive experience in this respect. We ensure closed grabs are used and unload as accurately as possible to minimise spillage. We also transship minerals such as talc, dolomite and bentonite in large volumes, during which preventing damage and spillage plays a major role. Maja has a number of required permits for the storage of various types of bulk materials. It applies strict protocols for the storage, maintenance and cleaning of equipment, ensuring substances are never mixed. We also take care of the transshipment and storage of agricultural products and minerals for animal consumption and are GMP certified. Maja is at home in the market for the transshipment of coal and the storage and transshipment of biomass (e.g. wood pellets).

Mixed cargo

Maja knows all there is to know about the transshipment of mixed cargo, such as big bags, steel (including coils), paper, project cargo and so on. With our diverse fleet of self-propelled floating cranes and our experienced staff, here, too, we guarantee the quick and efficient loading and unloading of your goods.

We are also able to process large items up to a maximum of 140 tonnes with our Liebherr LHM 550 crane, located in the Vlothaven terminal in Amsterdam. If you are looking for the storage or transshipment of heavier cargo, we will definitely be able to help you at the Vlothaven.


Specific storage for each type of material

To preserve quality and safeguard safety, is essential to have the appropriate storage facilities for each type of material. This applies to the storage of fertilisers, minerals, agricultural products and biomass.

Storage sheds

Maja has two storage sheds for the storage of bulk and/or mixed cargo, with four compartments in total, each measuring 3750 m2. Each compartment can hold 10 to 15 thousand tonnes. Specific services such as temperature and CO2 content measurement for agricultural and biomass products can be tailored to the customer’s requirements. The water depth at storage is 9.6 meters. The quay is 400 metres long and is especially suited for handysize bulk vessels with a 28,000-30,000 dwt.

We ensure that your goods are stored under the best possible conditions. We offer weighing facilities on location. There are several options that include sub-dividing the shed into smaller compartments and other customisations. We apply different protocols for the storage of bulk agricultural goods, minerals, fertiliser and biomass and/or mixed cargo.