Project logistics

Lifting work plus rental

Maja is more than a stevedore. In addition to storage and transshipment, we can offer you “Total Logistics” and “Project Logistics”.

Owing to our extremely extensive network, we can provide all logistics services for your bulk goods, from the source right through to the end user. If you are experiencing a bottleneck in your supply chain, then get in touch with our professional team. If you are not looking for Total Logistics, we can execute highly specific hoisting jobs for you as well. Using our 150-ton mobile crane and our 32-ton floating cranes, we can move fairly heavy loads. We can also be of assistance if your assignment is not in the Netherlands but in a remote part of the world, or if you just want to hire our floating cranes for a transshipment job. Please call us to discuss the options.

Lifting work 

Sunken barge

In the Rotterdam Hartnel canal, Maja used divers to recover a sunken barge. We quickly arrived with our floating crane Endeavour. In consultation with the Fire Department and divers, the load of the sunken barge was transferred to another barge so the sunken barge could be salvaged.

Tank cranes

At the tank terminal in the Noord Holland Bosporus port, Maja conducted lifting operations for the placement of a number of tank cranes.

Maja rents out cranes for specific projects or lifting operations on an hourly basis. Do you have a particular lifting job that requires a floating crane? Please call us to discuss the options.

Activities abroad

We rent out floating cranes with crew for unloading vessels and for projects abroad. Maja currently has several floating cranes operational abroad. Projects or solutions often have a long-term character. Operations may take place off the coast or in a port, depending on the weather, since the current and wave height must allow unloading.

Maja is currently working for a bauxite mine, loading bauxite from barges into 120,000-180,000 tonne bulk carriers at sea.