Maja Stuwadoors throughout the years

Who are we? Maja Stuwadoors, a permanent fixture in the world of transshipment since 1972. Our family business stands for flexibility, speed and reliability. From our head office in Amsterdam, we run our stevedoring service for customers in major sea ports in the Netherlands. Our professional pride, expertise and short lines are characteristic of our team of 35 well-trained and motivated employees.


Investment in a LHM 550 Liebherr crane at the ALBA terminal in Amsterdam for scrap offloading.


Maja celebrates its 40th anniversary at the beginning of June. In September, the company moves to the Azië Pier in Amsterdam. From now on, operations, execution and administration are together in one building.


Maja has a fleet of seven floating cranes and a team of 35 experienced and committed employees.


Maja Stevedores moves to a new office in Amsterdam, merging the offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


Replacement of the four tonne Nellen crane on the Valiant with a Sennebogen 850 M Special.


Maja Stuwadoors acquires FGS J.C. van Dijke from Amsterdam, later renamed Maja Stuwadoors Amsterdam BV.


Together with HES Beheer, Maja Stuwadoors establishes the Rotterdam Bulk Terminal. It is the second largest terminal operator for dry minerals in the port of Rotterdam.


New construction of the crane pontoon (with advanced lemniscate crane) Enterprise.


Conversion of tank pontoon former East German navy into crane vessel Valiant with four tonne Nellen crane.


Maja Maashaven officially established. Works starts in November 1987 using the crane purchased from Mosterd, opening Maja Maashaven officially on 13th June 1988.


New crane pontoon Endeavour is taken into use.


New crane pontoon Venture is taken into use.


Three-tonne self-propelled crane vessel Valkyrie is taken into use.


First new construction and purchase four tonne crane vessel Endurance.


Kors Holleman takes over Transport and Transshipment company Maja. The company only has a three tonne crane called Erjo.