Maja also takes care of the transshipment of compound feed and grains for human or animal consumption. Our company is Good Manufacturing/Managing Practice (GMP+) certified. This ensures that all the requirements for this type of product are met. It includes things such as cleaning cargo compartments, Storage and transshipment of the cargo and official checks. For more information about this certification, you can visit the website of the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority, www.nvwa.nl.

GMP+ Certificaat Maja Stuwadoors BV

Maja also meets all quality standards and has an ISO 9001 certificate. Maja is also BLU code certified for the safe loading and unloading of seagoing vessels and therefore complies with the law for loading and unloading of seagoing vessels. You can find more information on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, www.ilent.nl/onderwerpen/transport/koopvaardij/lading/terminals/.

ISO-9001 MAJA Stuwadoors B.V.