About Maja

We deliver solutions

Who are we? Maja Stuwadoors, a permanent fixture in the world of transshipment since 1972. Our family business stands for flexibility, speed and reliability. From our head office in Amsterdam, we run our stevedoring service for customers in major sea ports in the Netherlands. Our professional pride, expertise and short lines are characteristic of our team of 35 well-trained and motivated employees.

Customised transshipment

Our success is based on building long-term relationships with customers. We offer the best possible solutions for the customer’s bulk and mixed cargo requirements. This includes stevedoring engineering, in other words creating tailored solutions. This way we ensure that what we offer is always as fitting as possible.

We like to consult with new customers as early as possible to begin the process towards the best solution. Which crane would be perfect for a particular job? What is the desired range of the crane? What does the area look like, what should be taken into account? We will share ideas and solve any issues.

Quality solutions

Our team loves unusual situations: they see them as a challenge. We do not think “difficult jobs” exist. Of course, you can count on us to provide high-quality solutions and ensure the perfect execution of relatively standard jobs too.

We have our own technical service that can resolve faults and carry out repairs. Our people also work on the improvement of equipment and processes.



Innovation is an integral part of our thoughts and actions. We developed a flywheel for our most commonly used cranes to save energy, for instance. As a result each job now consumes 30% less energy. We are currently looking for realistic options for energy storage in batteries and for CO2-neutral work methods.