Project Logistics

Lifting work and storing, plus rental

Maja is regularly selected by insurers, maritime clients and construction companies for special projects and rescue and salvage operations. We also have experience with the construction of riprap, dredging operations and the placement of pumps for tank terminals.

Lifting work

Sunken barge

In the Rotterdam Hartnel canal, Maja used divers to recover a sunken barge. We quickly arrived with our floating crane Endeavour. In consultation with the Fire Department and divers, the load of the sunken barge was transferred to another barge so the sunken barge could be salvaged.

Tank cranes

At the tank terminal in the Noord Holland Bosporus port, Maja conducted lifting operations for the placement of a number of tank cranes.


For our client Voorbij Beton, Maja has unloaded a shipment of 25-long piles from the quay into barges. The piles were transported from their location using a number of lorries and carefully placed in the hold of the barge.

Hijsen tankkraan
Hijsen van hijspalen
Hijsen tankkraan


Vessel M/V Robbengat was listing heavily

Because the top cargo of wood had shifted, the vessel M/V Robbengat had started listing. Frachtcontor Junge asked Maja to unload the top cargo of the ship. Not exactly an everyday job, which was not made any easier due to the ship’s angle of heel. Of course, the job was completed successfully, resulting in a very satisfied customer.

Bergen schip
Bergen van gezonden boot